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What Could This Blog Be In 2013?

As our first full year of blogging here is coming to a close, we at Anisfield-Wolf wanted to take a moment to say thank you for reading. We enjoy how many of you come here every day and leave comments about your favorite authors. It’s a joy for us to begin conversations about who is important to you in the literary world and why. We’re also active on Facebook and Twitter, where we keep an ongoing discussion about new books, the “old” books you can’t put down, and the literature that has fundamentally changed your life. 

In 2013, we’d love to hear from you and add your voices to the blog. If there’s a piece you’ve written about an Anisfield-Wolf award winner, please e-mail us at — we’d love to add your voice to our dialog here. 

Please share – what would you like to see on this blog for 2013? More book reviews, information on book signings and conferences, information on book clubs? We’re all ears!

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