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Here at Anisfield-Wolf, we appreciate great dialogue about literature that helps us make sense of the world we live in. How would the world be different if Zadie Smith never sat down to write? If Beloved never escaped from Toni Morrison’s fingers? If we were never able to explore changes in our society through works like The Reluctant Fundamentalist? These authors have spent considerable time trying to explore what it means to be black, white, Australian, Pakistani, Jamaican, etc., and how they are able to move in the world because of it. 

We hope to extend the conversations they have started. There’s a number of places to do that.

Right here on the blog we hope to give you quick updates on what’s happening in the world of Anisfield-Wolf award winners, both past and present. We’re fortunate to have such a rich canon of work to pore through and examine and discuss. 

We’re also active on Facebook and Twitter, where we keep an ongoing discussion about new books, the “old” books you can’t put down, and the literature that has fundamentally changed your life. 

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